The Need

QQDEN is an online service that was born out of a need, a need to know your neighbors and stay connected with the happenings of the community you live in no matter where you are at any given moment. And at the same time, provide a mechanism for the administrators or managers of the community (building management committee) to do their job quickly, efficiently and transparently.

Physical Community

As the Internet becomes pervasive and we inevitably become members of various virtual communities in it, we often forget that the first community that we belong to is the community that we live in. We don't have to choose our friends in this community. We don't need to add anyone explicitly to our friends list. When you start living in the community, you become a member of it, whether you like it or not. However, in spite of the physical proximity between us and other members of the community, we remain separated from each other as if there is a virtual boundary wall between us. A wall that is so tall and thick that we don't even attempt to scale it.

Lifestyle Influences

Making matters complicated is the modern day lifestyle. Maybe it's globalization or maybe it's the better access to reliable and safer travel infrastructure, we are increasingly mobile to the point of many leading an almost nomadic lifestyle. A nomadic lifestyle with a difference though -- we tend to retain our roots to a place which we return to once we are finished with our travels. Or for some, travails. A place that we call home.

Real Social Network

But having a permanent home comes with its own responsibilities. We automatically become part of a community, a collection of people that live close to each other to form a social network. Yes, the real social network. And unlike the virtual communities born out of the Internet, being part of this physical community is governed by rules and regulations. Rules and regulations that impose certain collective duties while also placing some constraints to your activities and behavior. Duties and constraints that need to be actively managed.


QQDEN is an online service that is created with the intention of bringing information proximity to this physical community irrespective of the actual geographical locations of its members while helping them dispense with their duties (sometimes statutory) and obligations as community members.

In short, an online service that brings the communities closer while helping to manage it better. And in the process, make living in our homes (den), cute. No, make it double cute or QQ, as per the Chinese urban lingo. Thus QQDEN.